Identity for a local nonprofit organization focused on supporting individuals with benign brain tumors.   The name "It's Just Benign" plays with the contradictory idea that benign brain tumors are not serious. Going along with that same idea, the logo treatment utilizes a light typeface, creating a feeling of easiness; the letter 'i" was dotted with a complicated stroke as to hint to the seriousness of the issue. 
 Being a powerful word on its own, benign is centered on the t-shirt, making that the first thing people see. An asterisk was added to the word as another visual hit that it isn't as simple as it seems. Benign brain tumors can result in a lifetime of problems, and so, the corresponding line was added: *ambiquos diagnosis, state of limbo, symptomatic, in need of support 
 I took a playful approach with the logo concept for the private non-profit. The organic font is coupled with an icon that can be used separately, also utilizing slightly off-beat, uneven strokes.  
 Emblem logo for a local PTA
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